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Beautiful Windproof umbrellas that make you pray for rain.

Windproof Umbrellas


Large Umbrella in Monsoon design

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Windproof Umbrella in Leopard Design Folding Umbrella

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Best Umbrellas in The UK

Our distinctive windproof umbrellas are the perfect blend of vibrantly brilliant colours and interestingly unique designs, mixed with a high dose of quality craftsmanship, creating perfect windproof umbrellas that make you wish it was raining.

High Quality And Unique Design!

My ID Peters Umbrella is high quality and beautiful. I was looking for a unique design that worked well in the wet weather we have been experiencing and excellent quality. This umbrella is perfect!  - D.A Georgia, USA.

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Made for Gifting

Large, Bold, Beautiful Umbrellas

Large Umbrellas

Made for Gifting

Large bold and beautiful umbrellas that brighten up dark rainy days. High quality windproof design that with stands winding conditions. Several designs to chose from. Excellent gift items.

These Umbrellas Are Addictive

"This is my second umbrella from ID Peters. I really loved my first one, which was the black and white pattern. I couldn’t help but treat myself to another pattern/colour. The designs are so unique, I really love all the accessories." M.M. (Pinner, GB)

Compact Windproof Umbrellas

Bring on the rain

"This is a well made sturdy handbag size umbrella. I would highly recommend this and love the beautiful pattern. Would make a wonderful present for some one. " D (Crawley, GB)

Very special umbrella!

"This the second umbrella I have bought as a gift and the next one will definitely be for me!i love the cheerful designs- perfect to cheer up a rainy day". -M.B. (Ringwood, GB)

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Ladies Backpacks


With Worldwide Shipping

"Ordered this from Germany and it arrived is just a few days. I love the unique colours and how it performs in heavy rains and winds." - A.S Germany 

Folding Umbrella - Wow Impressive!

Fantastic Umbrella

"What a fantastic umbrella, I have to admit I was sceptical about it being windproof, but after trying It over the weekend with quite strong winds a heavy rain, It didn't break at all, its so lightweight i was sure I was going to break, but it didn't at all, it stayed strong and kept me completely dry, the folding mechanism is smooth, it opens up quickly, The umbrella is small enough to to fit in you hand bag so you carry it around with you all the time, I cannot speak highly enough about this umbrella you wont be disappointed." - C B. (Walsall, GB)


"Bought this because I have been through at least 8 umbrellas in 3 years living in Bristol. The wind can get crazy. Tested my new umbrella this weekend. I was half dubious I'll admit but whilst watching the familiar wrestling of umbrellas as I walked in the rain, my new umbrella stood strong - and stood out in colour! This is a great product. Just got off the phone to my mum who told me her umbrella broke in the wind I've just ordered another to be delivered to her. Think a few friends will be getting these as Christmas presents this year too. So happy! " S.S (GB)

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Beautiful Umbrellas

Compact Umbrellas