Stylist Live 2017: Dress as Powerful as you Feel

November 26, 2017

Stylist Live 2017: Dress as Powerful as you Feel

Within the walls of The Olympia London, Stylist Magazine was brought to life. The weekend of the 10th-12th November 2017 saw the pages of the magazine literally open up, espousing a world of female empowerment, fashion exploration and influential speakers; a celebration of inspiration at its best.

stylist magazineOlympia London provided a platform for the public and pop-up shops alike to delve into and enjoy the latest trends that have helped shape the fashion world, with the collective and implicit motto of the day being ‘Dress as powerful as you feel!’. Likewise, the event employed an array of influential speakers, comprising of both men and women, igniting inspiration from their poignant sessions in regards to the current topics that many people constantly grapple with today. Iconic talks included ‘Don’t Hate the Shake: Body Positive and Proud’, whereby body positive activists, Harnaam Kaur, Megan Jayne Crabbe and Sofie Hagen encouraged anyone and everyone to love the skin they are in whittled down into an effective and seriously funny speech. In addition, famous, house-hold names, including Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton graced the Stylist Live Stages, bringing with them discussions on their latest books, for instance Fearne’s self-help book, Happy, and their transformed outlooks on life. Such talks highlight the tone of the weekend, in which diversity and uniqueness was a source of celebratory empowerment.  

silk scarves gift wrappedThus, the turn out for the event was an achievement of this in itself.  Visitors came from all walks of life and from all corners of the country, ranging from families, and teenagers to retired couples and 
everyone in between.  Here, reveling in the inspirational and uplifting atmosphere, so too was fashion celebrated as a form of inspiration and expression. Stylist Live saw the converging of over 200 boutique pop-up shops run by up-and-coming brands. A wonderful moment at the weekend occurred when a few previous customers returned to tell us how much they loved the brand and the products they bought! It was amazing to know that our products are able to make people feel happy, beautiful and most of all confident! If you feel good in what you wear, then mental outlook follows suit!
The event overall was a huge success! Visitors left feeling empowered and inspired, and not to mention many left with items from our stall! Rainy England brought with it a demand for umbrellas and amidst the empowering talks, it is hardly surprising many opted for the most beautiful and boldest of our umbrella designs... adding a bit of colour back to the grey London streets! Likewise, our striking, silk scarves offered a luxury product with the effect of brightening up anybody’s cute ladies umbrellaswardrobe! As such, they were a source of much interest with so many visitors returning throughout the weekend to grab one...or maybe two! The luxurious and excellent quality of silk, combined with the creative and colourful designs of all ID Peter’s products, reflects perfectly the life of the busy London customer! in consequence products encapsulate both London’s busy streets and the vibrancy of Africa and African art as a whole, resulting in products that generate happiness, confidence and overall empowerment through fashion.


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