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How to Wear a Square Silk Scarf

What we’re wearing this week: the silk scarf Here at the ID Peters London design studio we’ve been Inspired by some of our favourite  fashion bloggers to try out some new ways of wearing our favourite silk scarves this week. Everyone on Instagram seems to be wearing scarves at the moment so we thought we’d try out some new ideas. The Choker Our Blue Broken 100% silk scarf This week we’ve been trying out wearing our Blue Broken silk scarf in a choker style. It’s something we’ve been seeing around a lot recently and we think it works well. To get this effect, we simply rolled our scarf lengthways until it became one long strip which we then tied at...

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Embracing a Chilled Life: 10 practical tips from our team

We love that feeling when we’re on holiday and we finally begin to relax (usually on day 6!). We dig our toes into the sand, our mind quietens and we finally feel at peace. As hard as it sometimes seems, it’s our aim to get a touch of this into every day of our lives. We don’t think this feeling should be limited to just one or two moments every now then so over the years we’ve introduced some practical ways to get stillness into our days. At our design studio in South London we’re a busy bunch, we constantly balance our work with raising children and maintaining relationships with our partners and friends. We know all too well how...

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