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Real Women in Vogue November Issue

Real women edition of Vogue magazine, out this week features real women, not models and of course our luxury silk scarves which are also now available on Amazon Fashion. SHOP NOW                            But the real question is; How real are these women? After 3 hours on hair and make-up and a selection of all naturally slim women in designer frock costing close to a thousand Pounds per piece; they still do not represent what is real in our world. We do however give Vogue a 'B' for effort. It's not going to happen in overnight, but we believe they are taking steps in the right direction towards representing real/normal...

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Our Luxury Silk Scarves in Red Magazine

 Red Magazine is a leading UK fashion magazine for real-life luxury. For Red, beauty and inspirational lifestyle is key, but their focus is luxury with heart and soul. That's where we come in. Red are all about savouring and enjoying life and celebrating the perfectly imperfect. So you can imagine how excited we are to showcase our real-life luxury silk scarves selection in their October edition which came out today.                                       ID PETERS LONDON is a British accessories brand inspired by Africa. Our passion for real-life luxury in women's accessories birth this sophisticated fusion of Safari/ African art meets the contemporary wardrobe for the fun, fearless and independent...

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