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As a child, growing up in Africa, I was fascinated by the vibrancy of African art and the diverse culture around me. I was inspired by the beauty and lively colours that are inherent in the people, clothing, textiles and nature of Africa.
My first mentor was my high school art teacher. She exposed me to the vibrant African art, fabrics, clothes and textures that have influenced me to this day. I grew up with the dream of having my own fashion brand as my mother had a fashion house in Lagos. My journey began when I learnt how to sew at 12 and I went on to make bridal wear.  
Fate took me into business, I built a successful company and migrated to the UK with my husband in 2003. Moving to London and working as an IT Consultant and Project Manager, I longed to express my love of African art and fashion.
London reignited my first love for fashion. I was working in high profile corporate circles and travelling a lot internationally. I saw a niche in the market which would bring together my new-found love of London and reflect my African heritage. 
I went back to school, studying at Harvard Business School and the London School of Fashion. Following this, I founded ID Peters in 2007. I embarked on a journey to build a brand that brought together contemporary London and the vibrancy of African art. 
I was passionate about creating a premium accessories brand that was season-less and making products that would last a lifetime. My focus is always on quality, unique design and my passion for Africa. I now spend my days in our London studio, dreaming up beautiful and colourful designs, arranging photo shoots and managing everything in between to help bring my passion to our customers.  
With Love,
Founder and Creative Director



the idea is not to live foreverID PETERS LONDON is the embodiment of years of planning and passion to create something a bit different. It’s a fusion of our passion for Africa and contemporary London. ID, our Creative Director and Founder, has a firm belief that if you’re going to make accessories you should make them with distinction and to last a lifetime. Before she even puts pen to paper, she thinks a few years ahead. Will our customers still love these pieces many years in the future? She constantly questions what the best materials are to use for each accessory. We never compromise on quality. Quality in design, quality in material and quality in presentation.  Our customer is at the centre of everything we do. Creating something new yet timeless is our mission. For this reason, our products are ‘season-less’, they can be worn at any time. Our customers believe in being bold but with timeless elegance.In our designs, we aim to create fashion for the contemporary woman of both today and tomorrow. We pay attention to details such as how our colours interact as a range and how each piece would work in a modern contemporary wardrobe. Each of our prints are unique and hand designed by us in our London studio.