Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding

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Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding
windproof umbrella for women
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Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding
Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding
Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding

Windproof Umbrella in Orange Henna - Folding

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High quality windproof umbrella in our distinctive Orange Henna design. Compact and lightweight. Designed in the UK.

  • BRIGHTEN RAINY DAYS - With our beautiful colours and fade-free material
  • STAND APART FROM THE CROWD with our exclusively unique distinctive umbrella designs.
  • COMPACT AND SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT- It fits in your handbag. At just 10" long when folded and 39" wide when open. Super lightweight. Stores effortlessly in your handbag. The superior material ensures it stays waterproof while in use and dries fast for quick putting away after usage. Weights 297g.
  • ALL ROUND QUALITY - Beautiful yet sturdy umbrella. From the three-fold chrome plated metal shaft, and strong metal frame which allow for greater stability in high winds, to the slip case and wooden handle
  • 8 RIB WIND-DEFYING CONSTRUCTION - Our umbrellas are fortified with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that withstand powerful gusts without breaking.

Join thousands of happy buyers turning dark rainy days beautiful with our premium windproof umbrellas.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    Not just any old umbrella

    Best ever umbrella: colourful, stylish, strong, and worth every penny. Luckily it rains A LOT in England.

    Why 4 stars?

    Because this umbrella is another example of the principle that even the best designed things often fail on the tiniest little detail!

    This detail is the velcro on the strip that encloses the canopy into a neat 'pole' when the brolly is closed. The manufacturer really could have spent 5p more on a snap closure which would hold the strip closed forever. I've had brollies with velcro and thus know that the velcro always eventually fails the more the brolly is used over time. And when the velcro fails, the canopy won't be kept tightly closed and that makes the brolly less practical in situations when it would be practical to have it tightly closed.

    Excellent service

    Item not received through post. Contacted Co. sent a replacement, received to next working day. Very impressive.
    Arrangements made should first despatch arrive for it to be collected and returned.

    Top brolly

    My mum was thrilled with her gorgeous umbrella!


    Lovely umbrella!