Ladies Backpack, Umbrella, Card holder Combo Set - Olive Green

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Ladies Backpack, Umbrella, Card holder Combo Set - Olive Green

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Ladies backpack, Folding Windproof Umbrella,Travel Card Holder

Olive Green Ladies Backpack, Orange Henna design folding umbrella and travel card holder set.

Enjoy the quality and designs you love in this combination set and save with the reduced combination price.

Ladies Backpack

  • STAND APART FROM THE CROWD WITH OUR SLEEK & STYLISH BACKPACK. Premium backpack made from quality nylon material, well designed and beautifully finished to a high standard
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL, WORK OR PLAY: Whatever you do and wherever you go, you’re covered with our trendy and functional backpacks for your work commute, as a cabin bag for travel, for gym or a weekend away.
  • NO MORE RUMMAGING AROUND TO LOCATE YOUR ITEMS with a dedicated place for everything.
  • FITS MORE THAN YOU THINK. Deceptively Spacious yet lightweight holding all your gear while still retaining its shape. This bag measurement 38 x 33 x 15 cm and remains light and non - bulky.
  • GRAB AND GO WITH TOP HANDLE OR CARRY HANDS - FREE ON YOUR BACK Super comfortable top handles makes for an alternative easy way to carry your ladies backpack while soft adjustable straps make for comfortable hands free carrying.

Windproof Umbrella

  • STAND APART FROM THE CROWD with our premium folding umbrella in our exclusive distinctive patterns
  • COMPACT AND SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT- Fits in your handbag and just 10" long when folded and 39" wide when open. Super light weight - weighs just 198grams and stores effortlessly in your handbag. The superior Teflon material ensures it stays waterproof while in use and dries supper fast for quick putting away after usage.
  • WIND-DEFYING CONSTRUCTION - Our umbrellas are fortified with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without breaking.
  • ALL ROUND QUALITY - Beautiful, strong and sturdy windproof umbrellas. From the three-fold chrome plated shaft, and strong metal frame which allow for greater stability in high winds, to the slip case and wooden handles

Travel Card Holder 

  • GREAT PRINTS: Our multi-card holder wallets are designed not just functionally, but also with a touch of youthful appeal to match your everyday life.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: All our travel card wallet holders are made out of an innovative & eco-friendly material: vegan leather. This incredibly versatile material is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DESIGNED FOR PRACTICALITY: Whether you wear,  our foldable  travel card holders fit perfectly in the front or back pockets, without being noticed.


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