Large Umbrella in Ada design

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ada large umbrella
Large Umbrella in Ada design
Windproof umbrella in ada design
large umbrella ada blue

Large Umbrella in Ada design

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  • A large umbrella in Ada design, with a smooth wood handle.
  • Length: 89cm/35in
  • Diameter: 105cm/41.1in.
  • 100% polyester
  • Frame: 50% fibreglass, 50% wood
  • Handle: 100% wood

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
MRS S.T. (Fulham, GB)

Mechanism works well and colours cheer everyone up.

Eileen M. (Wolverhampton, GB)
Blowing in the wind.

Umbrella 🌂 feedback

This is detailed feedback and I hope constructive as I own a wide variety of umbrellas.

Packaging - excellent enticing

Looks - beautiful, great design, well made

Use - disappointing, the handle is very smooth but difficult to keep hold of in the slightest breeze.
1st outing quite windy out but based on information I was not too concerned - caught by wind and blew across a road causing surface damage to fabric, handle and tip.

2nd outing - light breeze day - umbrella did not blow out of my hands as I deliberately wore textured gloves, at times I had hold the handle with both hands, one at the top of the handle and one at the bottom.

This umbrella would benefit from
- a loop of fabric between handle and push button which the user could put around the wrist.
- a push button that both opened and closed the umbrella.

Catherine S. (Charlbury, GB)
A very lovely umbrella

Quite the best umbrella I have ever owned. I must try very hard not to lose it!

Ed (London, GB)

Thanks for pretty design umbrella.

Mar (Airdrie, GB)

I have not used this to date it looks a sturdy and strong umbrella

Delivery was excellent