Windproof Umbrella in Pink Lilies Folding Umbrella

Windproof Umbrella in Pink Lilies Folding Umbrella

£20.00 GBP

High quality folding umbrella in our unique Pink Lilies print is just what you need to stay dry and fashionable on rainy days.

COMPACT AND SUPER LIGHT - Measures just 10" long when folded and 39" wide when open. Super light weight Stores effortlessly in your handbag.

WIND-DEFYING CONSTRUCTION - Our umbrellas are fortified with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without breaking.

SUPER QUICK DRYING - The superior Teflon material ensures it stays Waterproof while in use and dries supper fast for quick putting away after usage.

ALL ROUND QUALITYBeautiful yet sturdy umbrellas.From the three-fold chrome plated metal shaft, and strong metal frame which allow for greater stability in high winds, to the slip case and hand finished wood handles with wrist strap allow for easy carrying this umbrella is a quality purchase you'll be glad you made.

    Customer Reviews

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    Bring on the rain

    This is a well made sturdy handbag size umbrella. I would highly recommend this and love the beautiful pattern. Would make a wonderful present for some one.


    Very good quality and very nice design umbrella! Love now and rainy days! ;)

    Just the Thing for Our Gloomy Weather

    I'm really pleased with the quality of this umbrella: it's nice and light without being flimsy. I love the eye-catching bold design and bright colours, and the wooden handle is a lovely touch and it looks and feels much nicer than the usual plastic variety.

    If you like to make sure you have an umbrella with you (which, let's face it, is always a good idea in England) but hate having to carry one, this is perfect as it easily fits inside a handbag when folded. The case is also really handy if the umbrella is still a bit damp.

    Lightweight and Colourful

    Colourful and lightweight umbrella, that fits easily in your bag. Wish the handle could have been slightly longer when fully opened/extended, felt it was a little short and caught on my hair, but otherwise great umbrella.


    Lovely sturdy umbrella with sleeve cover. Nice bright design and good size. Love the wooden handle looks very sleek. Would order again many thanks!