Windproof Umbrella in Tiwa Ladies Folding Umbrella

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Windproof Umbrella in Tiwa Ladies Folding Umbrella

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High quality windproof umbrella in our  unique Tiwa stripes  design Compact and lightweight. Designed in the UK.

  • BRIGHTEN RAINNY DAYS - With our beautiful colours and fade-free rainproof material
  • STAND APART FROM THE CROWD with our exclusively unique distinctive umbrella designs.
  • COMPACT AND SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT- It fits in your handbag. At just 10" long when folded and 39" wide when open. Super light weight. The superior material ensures it stays waterproof while in use and dries supper fast for quick putting away after use. Weights 297g.
  • ALL ROUND QUALITY - Beautiful yet sturdy umbrella.
  • WIND-DEFYING CONSTRUCTION - Our umbrellas are fortified with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs (8-rib construction) that withstands powerful gusts without breaking.

With umbrellas like ours, you'll be praying for rain.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 99 reviews
    Carole S. (Oldham, GB)
    Colour on a rainy day.

    A good sturdy umbrella.

    Colin B. (Weston-super-Mare, GB)
    Good sturdy umbrella

    Seems stronger than most and it has worked well in normal rainy weather. I’ve yet to try it in fearsome winds.

    MRS S.T. (Fulham, GB)

    Mechanism works well and colours cheer everyone up.

    Eileen M. (Wolverhampton, GB)
    Blowing in the wind.

    Umbrella 🌂 feedback

    This is detailed feedback and I hope constructive as I own a wide variety of umbrellas.

    Packaging - excellent enticing

    Looks - beautiful, great design, well made

    Use - disappointing, the handle is very smooth but difficult to keep hold of in the slightest breeze.
    1st outing quite windy out but based on information I was not too concerned - caught by wind and blew across a road causing surface damage to fabric, handle and tip.

    2nd outing - light breeze day - umbrella did not blow out of my hands as I deliberately wore textured gloves, at times I had hold the handle with both hands, one at the top of the handle and one at the bottom.

    This umbrella would benefit from
    - a loop of fabric between handle and push button which the user could put around the wrist.
    - a push button that both opened and closed the umbrella.

    Catherine S. (Charlbury, GB)
    A very lovely umbrella

    Quite the best umbrella I have ever owned. I must try very hard not to lose it!